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    Tailored Financial Planning & Wealth Management

    Whether you’re seeking financial planning or wealth management services for yourself, your family, or your business, we can develop a plan suited to your goals.



    Financial Planning & Investment
    Services for Individuals and Families

    Cash flow & budget Management
    Designed to put you on the path to maximizing personal income and achieve personal goals.

    Retirement Planning
    Planning services designed to help you retire when you’d like and with the means you prefer. Let us give you the insights you need, to improve your retirement outlook.

    Education Planning
    Saving for the future education of a loved one? Let us guide you through your available saving and funding options. We can suggest flexible strategies to help you save, invest, and reduce taxes.

    Estate Planning
    Help protect and manage your financial assets for future generations, special needs family members, and others. Whether your needs are straightforward or complex, we can help you plan an estate which maximizes inherited wealth.

    Insurance/Risk Management

    Protect those most important to you by protecting your most valuable assets: your life, your income and your assets. (Bluesphere does not sell insurance products, however we can help you secure appropriate products, consistent with your goals.)

    Investment Advice: Employment-Related Outside Accounts
    (401k, 403b, Stock Options, NQDC, etc.) From retirement planning to advanced strategies to maximize employer compensation and benefits, we have the experience you need to make the most of what your employer offers.

    Investment Advice
    Once you have the road map, we help you get there with expert investment advice from asset allocations, security selection and trading implementation.

    Asset Allocation
    How much stock/bonds should you own? What types? Should you own individual securities, ETFs or mutual funds? We’ll work with you to answer these questions and more. We build customized strategies to grow your assets on your terms.

    Investment Selection
    At Bluesphere we prefer individual securities and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) for equities and will often us a combination of mutual funds and ETFs for fixed income.

    Portfolio Management
    We review your investments and accounts on an on-going basis to keep your portfolio in-line with the current market environment. Additionally, we’ll align your objectives with your personal threshold for account fluctuations.

    Trading & Security Evaluation
    We have years of experience in the trading of various security types. Additionally, we’re skilled in the evaluation of security prices.

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    Business Advisory Solutions

    Our value is in providing turnkey services like business valuation, deal structure, transition support, legal and accounting services. We also help business owners integrate their business transition plan with their personal financial plan such as wealth management for the family and future generations, life style maintenance, estate planning etc.

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