Our Firm

Bluesphere Advisors is a “Fee-Only” firm. We act as Fiduciary to our clients. Fiduciary standard is the highest legal standard for financial advisors. By following this standard, we are bound by law to act only in the client’s best interests and to avoid all conflicts of interest. Our firm is founded on three core Strengths:

  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Dedication

Our team has qualified individuals with CFP and CFA certifications that help us with financial planning and investment management. We take pride in the level of education and qualifications of our team. The firm wants to be the standard bearer for education and knowledge. This begins with our founder, who holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, is a Certified Financial Planner, has a Masters in Business Administration in Finance from Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia. In addition, he has Chartered Accountant’s (equivalent to CPA, in India) and Managerial Accountant’s degrees from India.

Our firm brings the full force of its knowledge base to the service of its clients and combines it with its other core principles to deliver client advice and service that we can be proud of!


The firm has collective experience of over 45 years. Each member of the team has at least 10 years of experience in this industry. And some members have equal amount of experience outside the industry in public accounting, corporate finance and audit.

We believe that knowledge alone is not powerful enough. Knowledge combined with experience is what gives us the edge. Our firm strongly believes that knowledge gives us the ability to learn from our experiences of market conditions, public policy, economic conditions, investor behavior, client goals and expectations.

We bring every bit of experience we have to advice and serve our clients.


Dedication to clients is the ultimate bridge that connects our Knowledge and Experience with Client goals and expectations. What good is knowledge and experience if at the core of it there is no overarching need to serve clients?

We will do everything we can and within our capacity to provide and execute on the best possible level of advice. We want our clients to rest well knowing that they are working with a firm that is totally dedicated to safe guarding their interests.