Our Clients

Bluesphere Advisors helps a wide range of clients with diverse financial goals and investment objectives. We go to great lengths to understand each and every client’s needs and expectations and design solutions specific to their needs. Some of the types

  • Wealthy Families
  • Individuals
  • Business Owners
  • Millennials
  • Institutions
Wealthy Families
Wealthy Families
Wealthy Families:

We help families accomplish the following:

  • Comprehensive financial strategy that addresses every aspect of your family finances.
  • Family wealth management.
  • Debt restructuring, margin lending and refinance.
  • Design and execute an Estate plan.
  • Address tax accounting and tax planning.
  • Trust creation and other sophisticated asset protection advisory.
  • Investment Policy statement for the family to act as a guide in ongoing investment management.
  • Portfolio management and review.
  • Design and help execute an insurance and risk management plan. (We do not sell insurance or participate in any commissions from Insurance products but we help clients procure appropriate policies.)

We work with high net worth individuals to help them meet their goals and expectations by executing on various aspects of their financial life. Services are similar as in the case of Families.

Business Owners
Business Owners
Business Owners:

We customize advice solutions for business solutions which can help them in areas like:

  • Business sale and transition advisory.
  • Turnkey Business Sale advisory services.
  • Complex Estate Planning.
  • Addressing family dynamics and wealth management.
  • Tax Planning.

Our experience working with Millennials have led us to the following observations;

  • Millennials are similar in their needs and expectations but very different in their approach to accomplishing those needs and expectations.
  • Your planning horizon and attitude towards planning requires a different approach.
  • Your attitude towards finances and professional guidance requires a combination of hand holding and education to allow you to take control.
  • Given your stage in life and how you define success, requires customized solutions and implementation plan.

  • Bluesphere Advisors will act as Chief Investment Officer to institutions.
  • We provide tactical asset allocation solutions.
  • We add efficiencies in portfolio management by helping clients address, Active versus Passive management decisions across different asset classes.
  • While we are not the first ones in the Chief Investment Officer market, we do bring our unique experiences and expertise to the table.
  • We will work with institutions to help them design and execute an investment policy statement.
  • We will work closely with investment committees and Boards of institutions to advice on asset allocation and manager selection process.
  • At the core of our every process is you (client).
  • Client relationship is extremely important to us and we will go to great lengths to establish and build good relationships!
  • From our first meeting we focus on understanding various facets of your financial life such as your goals, expectations, attitude towards risk, time frame, financial objectives, family structure, wealth transfer goals.
  • We encourage you to start with a detailed and comprehensive financial plan that would outline a game plan and action items to address every aspect of your finances.
  • We believe in getting together with our clients on a regular basis. With most of our clients we get together 4 times a year and, in addition, talk to them over the phone or via webex if things change in the market or there are any events that warrant their attention.
  • We not only design a customized financial plan, we work tirelessly with you to implement our plan recommendations. When necessary we partner with outside professionals like estate attorneys, tax accountants, business attorneys, mortgage brokers, to help you implement your financial plan. We do not charge clients for these services and neither do we get any monetary benefit from our partners. It is all part of building a great relationship with you as our client!