Business Transition Advisory

Bluesphere Advisors has experience in helping business owners transition their businesses either to family or to outside entities. Business transition could be a result of age and retirement strategy, family needs or a business continuity necessity.

Our value is in providing turnkey services like business valuation, deal structure, transition support, legal and accounting services. We also help business owners integrate their business transition plan with their personal financial plan such as wealth management for the family and future generations, life style maintenance, estate planning etc.

Services offered:

  • Business purchase or sale
  • Business valuation
  • Deal structuring
  • Coordinating Legal services
  • Coordinating Accounting services
  • Transition support consulting
  • Family wealth management

Some examples of successful turnkey support provided in the past:

  • Transitioned an Oil distribution business
  • Transitioned an HVAC business
  • Transitioned a dental practice