Our Approach

At BLUESPHERE we take a very collaborative approach in everything we do with you. Everything is dynamic and flexible. It is not about us telling you what to do when it comes to your financial life and investments. We make recommendations based on strong fundamentals and make it our mission to explain to you what, why, when and how. Meeting your expectations and needs is our primary goal. We bring our knowledge, experience and dedication to accomplish that.

Financial Planning:

  • Financial plan is the key to any kind of financial success whether you do it on your own or work with advisors like us.
  • We strongly believe in a well-articulated financial plan.
  • Our Financial plans will cover every aspect of your financial life.
  • We work with you to help you define your financial goals in a manner that would make it easier to execute.
  • We will work with you to collect all the relevant information about you, your family and your financial life.
  • Good data and well defined financial goals help us create a financial plan that can be effectively executed.

Investment Management

  • At BLUESPHERE we are proud of our investment management process. Our process is constantly evolving with changes in global economic conditions, client expectations and goals.
  • We bring a high level of sophistication in our investment management process, yet keep it very simple for the client to understand and relate to.
  • As investment managers, our primary focus is risk management. We believe that managing risk is the hardest part of managing investments.
  • We optimizing risks based on client’s risk tolerance and prevailing market conditions. We do not hesitate to recommend our clients to pull out of the market if we believe that the potential risk is not justified by potential returns.
  • We look for strategic asset allocation opportunities and position our client assets in asset classes that meet strict risk/reward asset classes.
  • Combining proprietary research with research from our partners, we focus on strategic asset allocation and tactical asset allocation. We look for market opportunities and imbalances to implement tactical asset allocation.
  • We have capabilities to manage institutional investment portfolio.