Career/Advisor Transition

Experienced Advisor Transition
Bluesphere Advisors is growing its team of advisors and is actively seeking to create a diverse team of smart advisors. We especially encourage women advisors to become part of our growing team because we believe that women bring a whole new dimension to the advisory practice and we immensely value that.

Why Bluesphere Advisors?

  • Bring your practice in line with the future of the industry
  • Custody your accounts with a very well recognized brand name custodian (Bluesphere does not custody assets)
  • Become part of a team of experienced and qualified advisors
  • Financial planning and Investment management support
  • Business growth and marketing support
  • Higher payout than your current Broker Dealer, Wire House, Bank
  • Full transition support

Who are we looking for?

  • Experienced and qualified advisors
  • Advisors from diverse backgrounds
  • Women advisors
  • Advisors with broker dealer, wire house or bank relationship
  • Advisors with high client satisfaction ratings
  • Advisors with high commitment and dedication to client service

If you think that your goals and ambitions are in line with our, please reach out to us by providing the following information. You could also email us at or call our office at 610-277-1515